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Benjamin LAZZARUS was introduced to keyboards in his early childhood and developed his passion for synthesizers, especially analog machines, over the years.
His career turned more professional in 2002 under the pseudonym LANCELOT, influenced by artists composing from samples like Moby, Fat boy slim or Dj Shadow.

During that time, he started working with Malcolm MacLaren (ex-manager of the punk band Sex Pistols), for whom he composed and recorded no less than fifteen titles based on the sampling/mashup principle. Because the album was never released, Mc Laren offered one of the original songs composed for this album to illustrate one scene in the movie "Kill Bill 2" by Quentin Tarantino. (Check Malcolm MacLaren's "About her").

After this experience, Benjamin left Paris and moved to Angers to create the "Elements" project, a musical concept at the crossroads of concrete music, electro, and film music, entirely composed in 8.2 multiphonic. "Elements" aimed to completely immerse the listener/spectator in a sound and musical experience in 3 dimensions. 
At the same time, he composed and played with two different pop-rock bands, TRAFMEN and ANACRUZ, a meaningful experience that reinforced his already remarkable stage experience.

He also launched his studio and began working for 'Tency Music' (, a business company for which he produced over 500 playbacks, a perfect opportunity to master his musical knowledge and music production techniques.

Based in Nantes since 2010, he created MARQUEES, a more psychedelic-style band with which he recorded 2 EPs. The band performed in various venues and festivals, notably at the Transmusicales in Rennes in 2013 and for the "culture bars-bars" collective French tour in 2014.

He also co-created LAYENN with French singer Erwan Noblet and produced 2 EPs. This pop project significantly emphasized percussion, claps, and vocal harmonies.
Multimedia companies like "ID2SON," hired Benjamin to work on many popular brands' sound identities, such as Rhones Alpes Region, The Champions league, L'Alpes D'huez, Kizym,  Lou Rugby, Faubourg Immobilier, Ram Dam, RC Strasbourg, etc. 

Today performing solo, Benjamin Lazzarus has equipped his studio with many analog machines and composes and produces his albums, including the "Only One Machine" series, available on streaming platforms.
Benjamin's music easily suggests an abundance of visuals, so he created his YouTube channel combining electronic music and film images, ranging from Hollywood classics to more intimate and experimental movies.

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